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On December 4, 1953, Winston Churchill, then prime minister for the second time, attended the opening day of the Bermuda Conference. He had arrived on the island on December 2nd for the meeting with his American and French counterparts along with their respective foreign ministers. Churchill had been pressing for such a meeting for months. In the morning he was at the airport on the island to welcome President Dwight D. Eisenhower and the American delegation on their arrival. French Prime Minister Joseph Laniel and his party had arrived at Bermuda on December 3rd. In the afternoon Churchill spent a restful hour on the beach before returning to the Mid-Ocean Club at Tucker’s Town for the first meeting between the three leaders. It lasted two and a half hours. That evening he attended a dinner hosted by Lieutenant-General Sir Alexander Hood, the Governor of Bermuda, for Churchill, Eisenhower, and Laniel. The Bermuda Conference lasted until December 8, 1953.