The latest issue of The Churchillian: The Magazine of the National Churchill Museum has been published. The three articles in the issue are “Churchillian Christmases” by Richard Langworth, “What Kind of a People Do They Think We Are?’ Churchill’s First Speech to Congress December 26, 1941” by Fred Glueckstein, and my own article “Taking Ottawa by Storm: Churchill in Canada, December 29-31, 1941.” Having the articles on the Washington speech and Ottawa visit in the same issue will remind readers that in the space of five days, Churchill prepared and delivered two major addresses to the American congress and Canadian parliament respectively, both of which were broadcast internationally by radio. It is little wonder that after the Ottawa address was over, Churchill appeared to be “immensely relieved” that he had no further speeches to make before his return to London. The Churchillian also includes a short piece on the background of the 1958 exhibition of Churchill Paintings in North America as well an announcement that the National Churchill Museum is organizing an exhibition of paintings by Churchill to be held from November 13, 2015 to February 14, 2016 at Washington University in St. Louis.