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On the afternoon of December 30, 1941, Winston Churchill delivered his famous “some chicken, some neck” speech to the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa. The speech was made on the second day of his three day visit to the Canadian capital, during which he had received a very enthusiastic welcome from Canadians. To allow for the speech to be broadcast worldwide, microphones were placed in the House of Commons for the first time. Additionally, three floodlights were placed in the chamber so that the speech could be filmed. That afternoon Churchill spoke for 37 minutes to an audience of 2,000 that was crammed into every corner of the House of Commons. In the spirited speech, he mocked the French generals who in 1940 told their prime minister that in three weeks Britain’s neck would be wrung, by saying “Some chicken! Some neck!” As he finished his speech, Churchill received a tremendous ovation. The full story of Churchill’s 1941 visit can be found in my article “Taking Ottawa by Storm: Churchill in Canada, December 29-31, 1941” in the latest issue of The Churchillian: The Magazine of the National Churchill Museum.