On the night of January 28, 1965, Queen Elizabeth paid homage to Winston Churchill at Westminster Hall where her former prime minister was lying in state. Shortly before eight o’clock the Queen accompanied by Princess Margaret, the Duke of Edinburgh, and Lord Snowden, entered the hall through the Star Court and the middle door opposite the catafalque. The royal party stood in the shadows of the hall for a few minutes before departing. Their presence went mostly unnoticed by the stream of people walking slowly past the catafalque. Earlier in the day other members of the royal family visited Westminster Hall as did two former prime ministers, Lord Attlee and Harold Macmillan. The Churchill family also went to Westminster Hall, with Sarah Churchill attending in the afternoon and Lady Churchill with Mary and Christopher Soames present in the evening. Clementine and her daughter and son-in-law observed the guards change and left at 6:20 p.m. At times the queue to enter Westminster Hall stretched a mile and a half with those joining the end having a several hours long wait. The second cold night did not deter people and by two o’clock in the morning on January 29th 175,400 had filed through the hall.

In Washington on January 28th a memorial service for Winston Churchill attended by 3,000 people was held at the National Cathedral. The eulogy was delivered by Adlai Stevenson. It was announced during the day that four kings and a queen, five other heads of state, and 16 prime ministers would be attending Churchill’s state funeral. Among those arriving in London for the funeral were Canadian Prime Minister Lester Pearson and Dwight Eisenhower, who arrived with the American delegation. Only two countries, China and Mongolia, would not be represented out of the 113 countries that were invited to attend the funeral.

It was also reported that Detective Sergeant Edmund Murray, Churchill’s personal bodyguard for the last 14 years, had resigned from the Metropolitan Police at the age of only 47. He was quoted as saying, “What job could I do after this? Anything else would be an anticlimax.”