Martin Gilbert, the preeminent Churchill scholar as well as a leading historian of the Holocaust, died at the age of 78 on February 3rd in London. In 1962 he was engaged as a research assistant by Randolph Churchill in the writing of the official biography of his father. Randolph, however, died in 1968 after completing the first two volumes and Gilbert took over as the official biographer. Over the next two decades Gilbert researched and wrote the six magisterial volumes that covered Churchill’s life from 1914 to 1965. As the Daily Telegraph notes in its obituary, Gilbert’s Churchill canon consisted of “six narrative volumes, 11 companion books of source material, a 981-page popular precis and 13 spin-offs.” Entirely indefatigable Gilbert wrote dozens of more books beyond Churchill. These included volumes on Israel, Jerusalem, the Holocaust, and four biographies. A holder of several professorships and fellowships, Gilbert was also a member of Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq War. Obituaries of Martin Gilbert are available from the BBC, Daily Telegraph, the Guardian, and the Jerusalem Post.