NPG x45723; Princess Patricia of Connaught (later Lady Patricia Ramsay) by Lafayette (Lafayette Ltd)At noon on February 27, 1919, Churchill was among the large congregation that attended the royal wedding of Princess Patricia of Connaught to Commander Alexander Ramsay, a Royal Naval officer. Princess Patricia was the daughter of Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and the granddaughter of Queen Victoria. The wedding was held at Westminster Abbey and attended by King George and Queen Mary. Ramsay continued his naval career after his marriage and was Fifth Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval Air Service when Churchill was appointed First Lord of the Admiralty at the start of the Second World War. Churchill, however, quickly replaced Ramsay with another admiral as he believed a new start was needed with the Fleet Air Arm. Later in the day on February 27th Churchill, as Secretary of State for War and Air in Lloyd-George’s government, answered questions in the House of Commons including on the removal of censorship on commercial telegrams, the upcoming Royal Review at Hyde Park, and the Imperial War Graves Commission. He also introduced a Bill for first reading in the commons that dealt with the maintenance of such forces of the army, navy, and air force as may be needed to meet any “exigencies” that may arise over the next year.