On May 21, 1912, Winston Churchill, then First Lord of the Admiralty, was a member of Prime Minister Henry Asquith’s party that departed London bound for Genoa to embark on a Mediterranean cruise aboard the admiralty yacht Enchantress. On the cruise Churchill and the party would make an official inspection of the naval establishment at Malta and Gibraltar. The members of the party included Rear-Admiral David Beatty, J.E. Masterton Smith, Eddie Marsh, Violet Asquith, and Clementine Churchill. At 11 o’clock that morning the party departed Victoria station for Dover in a Pullman car attached to the boat train express. In France the party took the “train-de-luxe” to Paris where they disembarked and went to the Ritz for an “ambrosial banquet at Voisin’s before re-embarking in our train.” During the day Clementine Churchill was unwell. Asquith, Churchill, and the rest of the party would return to England aboard the Enchantress on June 10, 1912.