During his long career, Winston Churchill was depicted in political cartoons by friends and foes alike. Below are three caricatures of Churchill that appeared in German newspapers during the First World War.


This cartoon depicts Churchill as a weary ass who has removed his uniform and mask and is sitting on his bed saying, “Oh, God! It is not easy to be an English minister of marine all day.”

Capture12The above cartoon was published in a German newspaper as “A Souvenir” after Churchill had been dismissed as First Lord of the Admiralty in 1915.


This cartoon, called “Farewell of Colonel Churchill to His Colleagues,” was published after Churchill quit the Asquith cabinet in November 1915 to serve with the British army on the Western Front. In the cartoon Churchill says, “Come with me into the trenches, boys! There will soon be more poisonous vapours here than in Flanders.” The cartoon appeared in Kladderadatsch.