On August 7, 1941 Prime Minister Churchill was aboard the HMS Prince of Wales bound for the coast of Newfoundland to meet President Franklin Roosevelt. During the day German radio reported that the British and American leaders were soon to have a meeting in the Western Hemisphere.  Ian Jacobs, a Churchill military advisor, thought the prime minister was not the least concerned about the German report and was “secretly hoping the Tirpitz will come out and have a dart at him.” Churchill met with his advisors aboard the ship and sent cables to Clement Attlee, acting Prime Minister in London, and to Lord Beaverbook inviting him to attend the conference. He also wrote to his wife Clementine. That night at the prime minister’s dinner table, United States presidential envoy Harry Hopkins, who had just returned from Russia, brought out a jar of caviar. Later in the evening Churchill and his advisors watched the Humphrey Bogart film High Sierra in the wardroom. After the film, which ended with the death of Bogart’s character, Churchill remarked, “And a good time was had by all.” Towards midnight he played backgammon with Hopkins as some of his entourage slipped off for the night.