On the evening of December 24, 1894 Lord and Lady Randolph Churchill and their party that included Dr. Keith and Lord Wimborne arrived at Dover by the steamer Empress from Calais thus hastily completing the last leg of their world tour.  Lord Randolph was very ill. The Churchills were met at Dover by their son Winston, the Dowager Duchess of Marlborough, Lady Wimborne, and Lord and Lady Curzon. Winston accompanied his father’s party aboard the special saloon car that was attached to the boat train to Victoria station in London. They arrived at half-past seven and went to the Duchess of Marlborough’s residence at 46 Grosvenor Square. That night a representative of the Press Association called at Grosvenor Square but was unable to see the doctor. Instead he spoke with Winston and Lord Curzon. Winston told the reporter that his father’s journey from Cairo to Marseilles had been “terribly rough” but optimistically added that “a few days’ complete rest would make a very considerable difference.”