170The Fall 2015 issue of Finest Hour: The Journal of Winston Churchill and His Times is devoted to the theme of “Churchill, Judaism, and Islam.” Articles include “A Crime Without a Name: Churchill, Zionism, and the Holocaust” by David Petterson; “Churchill and Dr. Chaim Weizmann: Scientist, Zionist, and Israeli Statesman,” by Fred Glueckstein; “Our Beloved Winston Churchill: Churchill in the Diary of Anne Frank” by David Freeman, and “Churchill and Islam” by Ahmed Abdel Rahman El Mahdi. Additionally, the author of No More Champage David Lough provides the article “Lord Randolph Churchill’s Legacy: Shares Not Sacks of Gold,” while Warren Dockter provides “Flying in a Hurriance: Winston Churchill and T.E. Lawrence Shape the Middle East.” Pim and Churchill’s Map Room, Churchill and the Islamic World, and Roosevelt, Churchill, and the Baltic Question: Allied Relations during the Second World War are among the books reviewed in the issue. The Finest Hour website is available here.