On January 5, 1952 the 77 year old Prime Minister Winston Churchill and his party arrived in New York harbor aboard the liner Queen Mary to start an official visit to the United States. The prime minister’s party included three cabinet ministers, Anthony Eden, Hastings Ismay, and Lord Cherwell, as well as the First Sea Lord Rhoderick McGrigor and the CIGS William Slim. After being taken off the ship by a coast guard cutter, Churchill was transported to the Brooklyn army base for a welcoming ceremony at which he made a set of remarks. Churchill was then escorted to Bennett Field to board President Truman’s DC-6 airplane Independence for the flight to Washington. The British party arrived at National Airport in the American capital at 12:28pm. Truman welcomed Churchill on his arrival and they both made brief speeches in the seven minute ceremony at the airport. The two leaders then went to Blair House, which was serving as the president’s official residence during the reconstruction of the White House. Churchill and Truman had a luncheon at Blair House before going aboard the presidential Williamsburg on the Potomac River for a series of meetings on international events as well as a dinner. These meetings concluded at 10:30 that evening. As he was readying to leave the yacht and retire to the British embassy where he would spend the night, Churchill asked Secretary of State Dean Acheson, “Did you feel that around that table this evening there were gathered the governments of the world – not to dominate it, mind you – but to save it?”