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The Winter 2016 issue of the Finest Hour: The Journal of Winston Churchill and His Times is dedicated to the theme of “Churchill in Combat” with the articles “Bang! Bang! Bang!: Churchill on the North-West Frontier” by Con Coughlin (author of Churchill’s First War: Young Winston at War with the Afghans), “Into the Lion’s Jaws: Churchill in the Boer War” by Candice Millard, and “Onto the Brink of the Abyss: Winston Churchill in the Great War” by Douglas Russell (author of Winston Churchill: Soldier: The Military Life of a Gentleman at War). The most interesting article in the issue is “The River War: Preparing the Definitive Edition” by James Muller of the University of Alaska, Anchorage. The River War was originally published in November 1899 as a two-volume work but in 1902 an abridged edition was brought out with many passages, seven chapters, three appendices, and several illustrations and maps omitted. Subsequent editions have been based on the abridged edition. In the article Muller describes the painstaking efforts required to restore the full content of the River War in a new edition that is to be published later this year. Other articles include “Scapa Flow: The Churchill Barriers” by Terry Reardon, “Triumphant Return: Churchill’s 1946 Visit to Cuba” by Hal Klepak, and “An Uneducated Man Speaking his Mind: Winston Churchill and American Universities” by Brendan Sofen. The issues of the Finest Hour are available here.