Winston Churchill’s role in the restructuring of the Yeomanry Cavalry during the early 1920s is discussed by George Hay of the University of Kent in his article “The Yeomanry Cavalry and the Reconstitution of the Territorial Army” that has been published in the most recent issue of War in History (23:1, January 2016). Despite much opposition, the attempts by the British General Staff to reform the Yeomanry Cavalry were ultimately successful as the regiments were converted to new arms and only one was voluntarily disbanded. Churchill, an ex-officer of the Oxfordshire Hussars and the Secretary of State for War and Air, is criticized by Hay for making “clumsy” interventions in the process. He concludes that, “overall, Churchill can be said to have been short-sighted and, if anything, caused upset and confusion among regiments that had otherwise accepted their fate.” The War in History website is available here.