NPG x74381; Alfonso XIII, King of Spain; Victoria Eugenie ('Ena') of Battenberg, Queen of Spain by W. & D. DowneyOn the morning of April 7, 1914 Winston and Clementine Churchill left London for a two-week Easter holiday in Madrid. With Lady Randolph Churchill among those gathered to see them off, the couple left Victoria station, London on the 11 o’clock boat express bound for Dover and Paris. After one night in Paris, the Churchills arrived in Madrid on the night of April 8th. In the Spanish capital they were the guests of honour at a dinner hosted by Sir Arthur Hardinge, the British ambassador to Spain, and had a luncheon with Alfonso XIII and Victoria Eugenie, the King and Queen of Spain, at the Royal Palace. While in Madrid, Churchill, who was then First Lord of the Admiralty in the Asquith Government, had a private meeting with the Spanish Minister of Marine as well as played several polo matches. The Churchills reached London again on the morning of April 20, 1914.