terraceOn the morning of September 12, 1944, Winston Churchill presented his wife Clementine with a bowl of Quebec roses to mark their 36th wedding anniversary. At 11:30 AM Churchill and President Franklin Roosevelt along with their respective spouses, the Athlones (the Governor-General and his wife Princess Alice), and Canadian prime minister William Lyon Mackenzie King went to terrace at the Citadel so that “a huge battery of photographers” could take their pictures with the Citadel’s battlements, harbor, and city as background. At 1:00 PM the same group had luncheon at the Citadel during which conversation was on war matters, including the Soviet position regarding Japan once the German war was over. Churchill spoke about British rule in India, Japan, Jan Smuts, and the French. Although no one ventured an opinion when Mackenzie King asked which armies should enter Berlin first, the British prime minister did express concern about the British getting into Vienna ahead of the Soviets. After lunch Churchill took Roosevelt to see the models of the equipment used in the Normandy invasion and then took Mackenzie King to the map room where they discussed the different battle areas. Later in the afternoon Churchill and Roosevelt met in conference. At 6:30 PM Churchill chaired a meeting of the British Chiefs of Staff during which he stressed that the recapture of Singapore was the ultimate objective of British operations in south-east Asia. That evening the Athlones held a dinner at the Citadel for Churchill and Roosevelt along with their spouses and high officials. As the last guests departed Churchill and Mackenzie King again went to the map room to get the latest war news. During the day Churchill told John Colville, his private secretary, that he feared Roosevelt was now “very frail.”