At noon on September 15, 1944, Winston Churchill and President Franklin Roosevelt met in conference with Henry Morgenthau (Treasury Secretary), Lord Cherwell (Paymaster-General) , Anthony Eden (Foreign Secretary), and Alec Cadogan (permanent under-secretary, Foreign Office). After discussing Lend-Lease, the meeting turned to the Morgenthau Plan about which the president and prime minister were now in agreement. Eden was “quite shocked” about the prime minister’s support for the plan and had a “quite nasty” exchange with Churchill. An hour later the meeting’s participants were joined for lunch by Clementine Churchill and Richard Law (Minister of State, Foreign Office). After lunch Canadian Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King joined the party for discussions that lasted until 3:00 PM. The Canadian prime minister asked Churchill and Roosevelt to accept honorary degrees from McGill University and they also discussed the future Canadian role in the Pacific War. At 6 PM Churchill met with the British Chiefs of Staff and according to Field Marshal Alan Brooke (CIGS) the prime minister was “in one of his worst tempers” with petty criticisms of the final report of the Combined Chiefs of Staff. During the meeting Churchill reported that he had discussed the zones of occupation in Germany with the American president. At 8:00 PM Churchill dined at the Citadel with Roosevelt, Clementine Churchill, Eden, and Cadogan. During the day Eden pressed Churchill and Roosevelt to recognize the French National Committee as the provisional government of France and was able to get the prime minister to concede that he would rather have a De Gaulle France than a Communist France.