coverThe Summer 2016 issue of Finest Hour: The Journal of Winston Churchill and His Times has recently been published. With the theme of “Churchill and Europe,” the issue includes the articles “Churchill’s Europe” by Felix Klos, “Churchill & France” by Antoine Capet, “In the Land of the Caesars: Churchill and Italy” by Patrizio Romano Giangreco and Andew Martin Garvey, and “Tourism, Politics, Painting, and Personal Staff: Churchill’s Many Links to Switzerland” by Werner Vogt. Other articles include Reykjavik Rendezvous: The Day I Saw Churchill” by Magnus Erlendsson and “Cape Town Gold: A Churchill Myth in Reverse” by Warren Kimball, and “Winston Churchill: The English-Speaking Peoples and the Free World” by Joao Carlos Espada. Issues of the Finest Hour are available here.