The current issue of the Journal of Transatlantic Studies (volume 14, issue 4) is a special issue entitled “Churchill’s Fulton Missouri Iron Curtain Speech: Its Impact on Anglo-American Relations Seen From the 70th Anniversary Year.” After an interesting introduction by Steve Marsh, the guest editor, the issue has a collection of essays on the speech. The articles are “Science, democracy, and peace: Churchill on society and statesmanship, in the Fulton Address and beyond” by Marjorie Jeffrey, “Toward Cold War thinking: editorial reactions to Churchill’s iron curtain speech in North Carolina newspapers” by Ralph B. Levering, “Reluctant partners: African Americans and the origins of the special relationship,” by Clive Webb, “Churchill, Fulton and the Anglo-American special relationship: setting the agenda?” by Anna Marchi and Steve Marsh, “From Reykjavik to Fulton: Reagan, Thatcher, and the ending of the Cold War” by James Cooper, and “Curtains, culture and ‘collective’ memory” by David Ryan. The journal’s web site is here.