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programWearing a dark suit, square-topped derby hat, and an astrakhan-trimmed overcoat, Winston Churchill promised the newspaper reporters awaiting him after he disembarked at New York City from the liner Lucania on December 8, 1900 after a six-day voyage from Liverpool that on his upcoming lecture tour he would tell the “real story” of his escape from a Boer prisoner-of-war camp. Over the next seven weeks under the auspices of Major J.B. Pond, America’s leading lecture agent, the 26-year old Churchill delivered at least 37 lectures in 31 cities in Canada and the United States on the Boer War. The lecture tour was, however, marred by a dispute between Churchill and Pond over money. The story of the lecture tour and Churchill’s problem with Pond is recounted in the article “A Vulgar Yankee Impresario:’ Churchill, Major Pond, and the Lecture Tour of 1900-1901” by the author of this blog and published in the most recent issue of the Finest Hour: The Journal of Winston Churchill and His Times (Autumn 2016; No. 174). The journal’s web site is here.