The Autumn 2016 issue of Finest Hour: The Journal of Winston Churchill and His Times has recently been published. With the theme of “Churchill’s Trans-Atlantic World,” the issue includes the articles “Churchill’s Empire DNA” by Terry Reardon, “Chasing Churchill Across the Atlantic” by Elizabeth Churchill Snell, “Churchill and the Imperial Defence College” by Andrew Stewart, “Winston Churchill and the 1951 Festival of Britain” by Iain Wilton, and “Churchill and the Silver Screen: Film Turns the Tide” by David Lough. Other articles include “Churchill – Advisor and Contributor to Lady Randolph’s Quarterly Miscellany: The Anglo-Saxon Review” by Fred Glueckstein and “Winston Wept: The Extraordinary Lachrymosity and Romantic Imagination of Winston Churchill” by Andrew Roberts. Issues of the Finest Hour are available here.