On March 25, 1953 Winston Churchill spoke in the House of Commons in a brief session to adopt a formal motion of sympathy to Queen Elizabeth on the death of her grandmother, Queen Mary of Teck, who had died the previous evening. Churchill and his cabinet were dressed in black. The prime minister read the formal motion before remarking on Queen Mary that “She looked like a Queen. She acted like a Queen. Her death leaves a void in our hearts – a void that it will be hard to fill indeed.” After the House adjourned Churchill sat on the treasury bench for several minutes speaking with Anthony Eden. That evening Churchill made a brief broadcast from London on the death of Mary. In the broadcast he said that there were few now living that could recall a time without Queen Mary and that she was the last living link to Queen Victoria. He remarked that Mary had died with the satisfaction of knowing the crown to be placed on Queen Elizabeth’s head at the upcoming coronation was “more broadly and securely based” than it had been in the nineteenth century.