On May 26, 1922 Winston Churchill, then Colonial Secretary in David Lloyd-George’s government, conferred with Irish leaders and his own cabinet colleagues in an attempt to resolve the latest crisis in the implementation of the Anglo-Irish treaty. At 11 o’clock that morning Arthur Griffith, President of Dail Eireann, arrived at the Colonial Office where he was met by Churchill. A little later Eamonn Duggan accompanied by Hugh Kennedy, KC and Kervin Higgins arrived to join the meeting that lasted until 2 o’clock. The Collins-De Valera electoral agreement signed days earlier was discussed with Churchill closely questioning the Irish leaders about the precise meaning of the bargain with the anti-treaty forces. Later that afternoon Churchill attended a meeting of the British signatories of the Irish Treaty, that included Lloyd George, Hamar Greenwood, Austen Chamberlain, and Laming Worthington-Evans, at 10 Downing Street. The meeting lasted an hour and a half. Thereafter Churchill and others present at the meeting adjourned to the Colonial Office for further discussion.