During the Second World War, Peter Crichton served as an officer with the 4th Hussars, Winston Churchill’s old army regiment, serving in Greece and the Western Desert campaigns and fighting in the battles of Gazala, Alam Halfa, and El Alamein. Later in the war, not getting along with the Hussars commanding officer, he accepted an appointment to the ‘37’ military mission attached to the Yugoslav Partisan army. With the mission, Crichton served in the capture of islands off of Yugoslavia and landings on the coast. Leaving the army after the war, he started writing his memoirs in 1969 by which time he was retired. A typed manuscript was prepared and photographs selected for the publication when ill-health intervened and the project fell dormant until Crichton’s son picked up the project. Fifty years after it was started, the manuscript has been published by Pen and Sword as To War with a 4th Hussar: Fighting in Greece, North Africa & the Balkans. Unfortunately for the readers of this blog, Crichton only briefly recounts Winston Churchill’s visits to the regiment in August 1942 in the Western Desert and makes only a short reference to the regiment being assigned to guard Churchill at Mena House during the Cairo Conference in November-December 1943. Nonetheless, To War with a 4th Hussar is an enjoyable read and its readers will be appreciative that Crichton’s son brought the manuscript through to publication.